NB046: Suffocation

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Jul 212014

Brian sits with Derek and Terrance from the brutal death metal band Suffocation! They talk about the band’s fall touring plans, share some random show stories, discuss illegal album downloading here in 2014, and much more! Later on Brian hosts a wrestling and metal news panel with hosts John and Sir Chris Kessaris.

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NB045: Commissioner Aubrey

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Jul 072014

Brian is busy prepping the new Neckbreaker studio, so co-host John had complete creative control for this week’s episode! He discussed the Money in the Bank PPV with Sir Kessaris, they covered some of the top metal headlines, and later in the show John got a chance to talk to Obsidian Tongue in their van on tour with Agalloch.


NB043: Special 1985 Episode

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Jun 092014

A special 1985 themed episode with hosts Brian, John, and Chris! We discuss the top heavy metal albums that were released in 1985, we cover some of the most important wrestling news items from 1985, Chris performs some amazing impersonations of Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper, and as usual we drink plenty of beers.


NB042: Rampant Decay

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May 262014

Rich Horror from Rampant Decay and Ratstab joins us for a ridiculous drinking session and interview! We talk about Rich’s view on the world of wrestling, we hear his band history, we share some random show stories, and as usual we discuss some of the latest pro wrestling headlines over plenty of beers and Mad Dog bum wine.